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Top Product Manager Salary Range Product Manager Salary Statistics | 280 Group

Top Product Manager Salary Range Product Manager Salary Statistics | 280 Group

Top Product Manager Salary Range Product Manager Salary Statistics | 280 Group - Use these websites to do a little studies. Remember the geographic place of the placement, your years of enjoy, the marketplace the employer addresses (for instance, if the organisation needs a product supervisor who additionally has a phd in biochemistry), country of the task market typical (is it warm, warm or cold) and the tradeoffs you’ll be making working at a bigger organisation (generally decrease chance however little or no inventory fairness) as opposed to a startup (commonly higher chance but a small amount of inventory. In 2016, o’reilly media conducted a software program improvement revenue survey online. The survey contained 72 questions on the respondents’ roles, gear, reimbursement, and demographic heritage. Extra than five,000 software engineers, builders, and different professionals worried in programming participated inside the survey, 1,353 of them from european international locations. This supplied us with the opportunity to explore the software program-development world—and the careers that propel it—in first-rate detail. A few key findings encompass:.

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, which suggests the earnings range among $65k and $103k, with a median of $83k. This facts is for a product supervisor with five-10 years of enjoy, and likely represents the market out of doors of silicon valley (even though within the 280 institution’s revel in this variety could be very low for five to ten years of revel in – an $83k provide could be more likely for a brand new lease without any revel in or maybe having 1 or 2 years). There are numerous elements similarly to place so that it will affect a new hire product supervisor profits. One is getting a bonus, which will increase reimbursement by using about $5k. The alternative is the size of the business enterprise (large agencies generally tend to pay better whereas startups are giving you equity and a decrease salary.).

Our industry has changed plenty within the final 12 months, not to mention inside the final five. Our manual takes a near observe tendencies in reimbursement, boomtowns, and more to offer you the inner scoop on the route of the advertising enterprise. Glassdoor’s average of $108k is what we would expect a business enterprise to pay for a product manager with a few years of precise experience. And it isn't unusual in markets in which precise knowledge and technical information are required to peer a income as excessive as $160k.

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