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Simple Product Manager Salary Product Manager Salary Statistics | 280 Group

Simple Product Manager Salary Product Manager Salary Statistics | 280 Group

Product manager salary - Use these sites to perform a little research. Do not forget the geographic vicinity of the location, your years of revel in, the marketplace the organization addresses (for example, if the company wishes a product manager who also has a phd in biochemistry), state of the task market ordinary (is it hot, warm or cold) and the tradeoffs you’ll be making operating at a larger organisation (commonly lower risk however very little inventory equity) versus a startup (usually higher danger however a small quantity of inventory. There are several elements further to location a good way to affect a new hire product supervisor salary. One is getting an advantage, which will increase reimbursement by approximately $5k. The other is the size of the company (larger groups have a tendency to pay better whereas startups are giving you equity and a decrease income.).

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In a activity market wherein employers are in hard opposition for expertise, it’s no marvel that tech corporations have risen to the mission by using imparting beneficiant salaries. And there’s absolute confidence that technical competencies are a huge asset to employees, with a new observe locating the global average earnings for tech people in software program engineering, layout, product control, and statistics analytics to be $135k in 2017. Hired is on a challenge to deliver unparalleled and much-needed transparency into the hiring enterprise. To that cease, hired’s data science group today launched a 2nd quarterly hiring pulse report , which examines proprietary facts from thousands of interview requests for all tech jobs at the hired platform in q3 2016. The record exhibits that tech continues to be a candidate’s market, ripe with possibility as every length of employer will increase hiring volume.

, which indicates the income range among $65k and $103k, with a mean of $83k. This facts is for a product supervisor with 5-10 years of enjoy, and probably represents the market outside of silicon valley (though in the 280 organization’s experience this range could be very low for five to ten years of experience – an $83k provide might be more likely for a new lease with none revel in or maybe having 1 or 2 years). Glassdoor’s average of $108k is what we'd assume a agency to pay for a product manager with some years of proper enjoy. And it is not unusual in markets where unique understanding and technical information are required to peer a revenue as high as $160k.

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